Painovoima on avaruuden ominaisuus.
Painovoimaa ja kiihtyvyyttä ei voi erottaa toisistaan.
Painovoima on fysiikan heikoin kenttävoima.

Gravitional field has the weakest interaction of any physical field.

To be able measure gravitation field effects, measurements must be accurate.

Gravity is feature of space.

Gravity and acceleration are inseparable.

The space is curved

Because gravity is the weakest physical field force, it is most important to measure bodies motion the most accurate way. Paralell light waves reflected from remote body surfice are carrying remote body place information with a speed of light. From two place informations we can calculate speed difference between observer and remote body. This calculated speed include all effective forcies from all other bodies effecting to the remote body as well as to the observers body.

Picture 1:Sway motion acceleration and gravity

Acceleration and gravity are inseparable

Speed controlled motion movement and acceleration

Typical industry based motion control system uses either speed or moment control. Curve above refer to free load sway motion speed [m/s] in relation to load carrying device. Below is measured acceleration and deceleration curves which include both machine acceleration and the weak gravitation acceleration as a sum curve.

Optical motion control overcomes Newton theory of gravity

Newton theory of gravitation is very suitable for machine structure dimensioning where as Einsteins theory of gravity do not provide such tools.

For machine motion control Newtons theory of gravity can only provide an approximation when the Special and General theory of relativity offer accurate theory and measurement tools for motion control purposes.

When we measure motion by using closed loop optic motion control, the received optic data include both machine acceleration and gravity effects in real time. Real time motion control with one observer here means the most fastest way to measure planar motion. Control system delays dependent errors which we can be seen on the curve below, we will overcome in time.

The better we measure gravity dependent forcies and control motions with 42^10 times larger electromagnetic force accurately, the better energy efficiency, working safety and motion control we achieve.

Kiihtyvyys nopeus painovoima heilahdus heilunta takaisin kytketty liikkeen tunnistus ohjaus