Closed loop place or product repositioning

Takaisin kytketty paikan taikka tuotteen uudelleenpaikantaminen käyttämällä kohteen optista tunnistamista

Efficient and safe product or place detection to find correct lifting and put down point

For improved automatical crane numerical control (NC) positioning applications

For manual driven cranes positioning applications to recall lift up and put down points

Picture 1:Easy visual repositioning

Re-positioning using camera view and a pin needle marker

Picture left: Teach or repositioned place, picture right: optical target is found but pin needle shows correct driving direction

Re-position technology is based on either on numeric position and optical data fusion or know product search. Re-position optical search area and its accuracy can be adjusted by using a zoom camera. Pin needle marker, yellow thick line with filled circle on the top, is an easy method to show the crane driver the desired destination. Positioning is possible to do automaticly which makes task even easier and more accurate.

Kiihtyvyys nopeus painovoima heilahdus heilunta takaisin kytketty liikkeen tunnistus ohjaus