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Material handling and closed loop motion control developer

Swaytec and Sime Oy

Swaytec and Sime Oy are today both established and owned by Jouni Erikkilä who is the main resource for both companies. Swaytec will continue as a new motion technolgy developer introduced on these pages where as Sime Oy offer mainly for matrial handling technology industry companies different kind of design, technical support and technology development services.

Sime Oy Know how

  • Mechanical contructions and material handling solutions
  • Computer based machine Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and database solutions since 1986
  • Machine vision development for changing lightning and increasing disorder enviroments
  • Programmable logic controller solutions for automated material handling industery
  • Control cabin and power supply desining
  • Factories layout designs
  • Factories technology designs Electric-Automation-Mechanics-Process flow etc.
  • Factories Start-Up services
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