Closed loop Control Sway motion control

Accurate material remote motion control for product final assembly

Takaisin kytketty nosturin liikkeen ohjaaminen siirrettävää tuotetta liikuttamalla (Close loop CONTROL SWAY)

Picture 1:Tower building concrete cast

Detect object and follow it with the highest accuracy

Hold on and convey the crane to desired direction

Control sway is designed for to help making tasks that normally may be out of crane driver direct sight and in addition vision technology offers an new motion control method.

When a load is near its goal position and sway is stabilized, crane driver teach optical area of the hanging load. When teach is succeeded the crane driver may 'enable' load down under local motion control made by the workers conveying the load to its position. Maximun speed is limited to slow speed. By using automated zoom camera, optiocal control area will kept as standard size, with tower cranes 1,5 x product size. When driver cancel enable-button, crane stops and the rest of motion has to be done by the driver himself.

Picture 2:Control sway enables accurate load placement by manual conveying of load under crane driver enable-control signal according his visual view and received radio annoucements

Detect object and follow it with the highest accuracy

Easy and accurate hanging load positioning

A new and most accurate product assembly control system

Control sway system is most efficient way to position products together. Even a very small motion displacement length and direction may be detected optically even far remote from object itself. Zoom lens optical scaling makes system adjustable and therefore the minimum and maximun displacement values are used. Even larger displacement happens with under highest control when crane motion acceleration is done with normal axis acceleration. Important is to take one step forward to more accurate close loop motion control.

Control sway motion control offers an most accurate way to control product positioning work.

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